Episode 47

Empowering Entry-Level Developers with Mercedes Bernard


October 10th, 2018

37 mins 58 secs

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Empowering Entry-Level Developers with Mercedes Bernard

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Mercedes Bernard: Senior Software Engineer at DevMynd. mercedesbernard.com.


How can your company empower your entry-level developers to grow their skills and advance their careers? If you are an entry-level developer, what are skills that are important for growth. Mercedes Bernard, a Senior Software Engineer at DevMynd, joins Tech Done Right to talk about empowering entry-level developers. We talk about giving people scaffolding to support them in owning larger and larger parts of a software process, and how to align your entire company to support growth.


02:15 - Misconceptions About What it Takes to Level Up and The Best Ways to Start Making That Journey

04:17 - On Being a “Domain Expert” or a “Sponsor”

07:52 - Job Switching, Career Advancement, and Promotion

13:48 - Determining Levels and Providing Support

20:17 - Scaffolding

21:59 - Entry-Level Struggles: Confidence and Time Management

27:55 - Mentorship

31:01 - Giving Support to Entry Level Teammates: Feedback

33:44 - Signs People Need Support

35:06 - The Importance of Hiring Junior Developers

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