Episode 41

Apprenticeship with Megan Tiu, Kara Carrell, and Alyssa Ramsey

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Apprenticeship with Megan Tiu, Kara Carrell, and Alyssa Ramsey

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What is an apprenticeship program, how is it different from an internship, and how can your company benefit from having one? In this episode, we’re talking about technical apprenticeships with Megan Tiu of Women Who Code. Megan and I have both run apprenticeships at various companies. We’re also joined by Table XI’s current apprentice cohort, Kara Carrell and Alyssa Ramsey.



02:18 - Apprenticeship: Defined

04:38 - Finding and Hiring People for Apprenticeships

05:21 - Interviewing For Apprenticeships

08:35 - Organizing Apprenticeships

14:13 - Making Use of Unstructured Time and Other Opportunities for Apprentices

17:39 - Career-Growth Support

20:40 - Having a Sponsor and Getting Support

24:20 - Evaluating Apprentices

27:59 - Benefits For Companies That Have Apprenticeship Programs

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