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Technical Speaking with Saron Yitbarek

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Technical Speaking With Saron Yitbarek

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Presenting a technical talk can be an important part of a developer's career.
In this episode, we're talking about how to perform a technical talk with Saron Yitbarek. Saron runs the CodeNewbie Podcast, and others, and organizes and coaches speakers for the Codeland Conference. Saron and I both have some thoughts and opinions about how to deliver a good technical talk. This episode has a lot of tips about how to prepare, what to do at the start of a talk, how to engage the audience, and why emoji are better for slides than videos? We'll give advice on how to give the talk that only you can give and how to get the best performance that you can.


Saron Yitbarek: Web, Podcaster: CodeNewbie, Base.cs Podcast, Command Line Heroes.


01:46 - Saron’s Public Speaking Experience Prior to RailsConf 2014

03:02 - The Performance of a Technical Talk

06:50 - Should you memorize or wing your talk?

11:58 - Knowing Your Audience

21:20 - Designing Slides

28:17 - Talk Beginnings and Endings

37:11 - Practicing and Delivering Your Talk

40:43 - Moving Physicality and Talking Speed

46:45 - Giving The Talk No One Else Can Give

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