Episode 48

Meetings and Inclusion with Katie Gore and Mark Rickmeier


October 27th, 2018

38 mins 55 secs

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Meetings and Inclusion with Katie Gore and Mark Rickmeier

The inclusion card deck discussed in this episode is now live on Kickstarter. Go to https://www.tablexi.com/kickstarter to get your deck.

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Today we are talking about meetings. Any group software activity is going to have meetings, and we’re going to talk about making them better, where by better we mean more interactive and able to get meaningful contributions from everybody without letting the loudest or most powerful voices dominate. My guests are Mark Rickmeier, the CEO of Table XI, and Katie Gore, of the communication coaching company SpeechIRL. As this podcast comes out, Table XI is running a Kickstarter for a new meeting tool that you can use to improve your meetings. We’ll talk about how we came to develop the tool, how we use it, and why we think it’s effective. We want to hear from you — what’s the problem with your meetings and how have you solved it? Let us know at techdoneright.io/48 or on Twitter at @tech_done_right


02:25 - What are the problems with meetings that we are trying to solve?

08:40 - Remote Meetings and Communication Styles and Tactics

13:28 - Creating Cards and Gamifying Meetings: “Wicked Meetings”

  • Question Cards
  • Opinion Cards
  • The Interrupter Card
  • The Devil’s Advocate Card
  • The Angel’s Advocate Card
  • The Kicking a Dead Horse Card
  • Speak Up Card

24:00 - What kinds of meetings do these work best at?

27:24 - Table XI’s Inclusion Card Kickstarter!

29:23 - How can people and companies get started implementing something like this?

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