Episode 22

Nonviolent Conversation with Nadia Odunayo

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Nonviolent Communication With Nadia Odunayo

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Nadia Odunayo, nadiaodunayo.com, Co-host of Ruby Book Club, director at Ignition Works.


Do you have interactions with co-workers where one or both of you get angry and defensive, and everybody ends up frustrated? Today we talk to Nadia Odunayo about "Nonviolent Communication", a way to communicate that honestly addresses issues, explaining how you feel without harming the other person, and getting everybody to the point where they feel better about the situation and have a clear path to move forward. Nadia gives examples of how she uses nonviolent communication in her day-to-day life, and she tries to coach me to improve my own skills. By focusing on communication your needs and not assuming anything about others, you can make difficult discussions less difficult.


01:47 - Nonviolent Communication

03:16 - A Concrete Example of Violent and Nonviolent Communication: A Code Review

07:08 - How should a manager communicate nonviolently?

11:01 - Judging and Assuming People’s Character Subconsciously

18:11 - How has nonviolent communication affected your day-to-day interactions?

24:14 - Self-Empathy: Being Non-Violent with Yourself

28:32 - Transparency and Vulnerability

32:15 - Nonviolent Communication and Being Nice/Kind

36:17 - Screaming Nonviolently

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