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Accessibility With Luisa Morales

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Accessibility With Luisa Morales

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Luisa M. Morales, luisam.com.


As many as 15 to 25 percent of your site’s potential users may have trouble accessing it due to some kind of disability. How can you design your site to allow your content to be usable by the widest variety of users? My guest today is Luisa Morales, an engineering fellow at the New York City Mayor’s office for Economic Opportunity. We talk about what accessibility means, how to design your site to be accessible, and what guidelines to use to help ensure success. We’ll also talk about a very literal form of accessibility — making your site behave in a way that it is accessible to users with limited bandwidth or older devices. We’d like to hear from you. What issues or successes have you had with accessibility? Let us know at techdoneright.io or on Twitter at @tech_done_right.


02:15 - Defining “Accessibility” and the Population Who May Be Affected

05:00 - What Web Devs Can Do To Makes Sites Accessible

07:30 - ARIA

09:55 - How Screen Readers Work

12:45 - How To Build in Accessibility

17:36 - Approaching Page Design

20:23 - Auditing Accessibility Issues

22:20 - Accessibility Based on Access

26:49 - Accessibility, JavaScript, Single-page Apps and Site Simulation

32:04 - Accessibility is for everyone: Reasons You Should Care

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