Episode 12

Managing For Career Development with Claire Lew and Dan Hodos

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Managing For Career Development with Claire Lew and Dan Hodos

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Claire Lew: CEO of Know Your Company

Dan Hodos: Table XI’s Director of Operations


How can you get honest feedback from co-workers, even when you are their manager? How can you support your team's career growth and support them as they improve their skills? Claire Lew, the CEO of Know your Company, and Dan Hodos, Table XI's Director of Operations, join Noel to discuss why listening is the most important thing you can do when getting feedback, how specific questions can break the "fine" reflex, how sticky notes can help with career growth, and the one thing you should never do in a one-on-one meeting.


01:33 - Why One-on-One Meetings Are Important

03:16 - Creating a Safe Space for Employees: Make Empathy Your Mission

05:03 - Active Listening and Asking Questions

07:15 - How often should these meetings occur?

08:58 - Sponsorship and Career Mentoring

10:19 - Table XI’s “Sticky Note Game”

12:56 - What are the things you shouldn’t do during a one-on-one?

15:18 - Receiving Feedback

19:41 - Favorite Questions

21:03 - Balancing Natural Conversation with Asking Tough Questions

24:12 - Conducting Remote One-on-Ones

25:29 - Investing in Your Mentees

29:17 - Surprising Revelations Learned While Building Know Your Company

32:24 - Creating Environments for Employees to Flourish





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