Episode 002: Career Development With Brandon Hays and Pete Brooks


January 25th, 2017

40 mins 37 secs

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Brandon Hays and Pete Brooks join the Tech Done Right podcast to discuss career development. We'll discuss some career development questions like: What makes somebody a senior developer? How do you acquire senior developer skills? What can you do to prepare yourself for a lifetime career and ensure that you are properly valued?

Show Notes

02:07 - Classifying Yourself as a Developer
- The Conjoined Triangles of Senior-Level Development (12 Traits Blog Post)

05:51 - Working Independently" “Throw a couple juniors at it!”

09:19 - What does it meant to progress?
- Brandon Hays: The long strange trip as a software developer @ RubyConf 2016
- Brandon Hays: Hacking Spacetime for a Successful Career @ RubyConf 2015
- Occam’s Razor

13:43 - Quantifying Value and Talking About Money

17:27 - The Cult of the New: The Approach to Technology and Breaking Into the Industry
- Impostor Syndrome

22:54 - Learning New Things and Becoming Professionally Proficient; Levelling
- Software Engineer Career Ladder

32:04 - When do I need to move on? Where do I see myself going?

34:20 - What should new developers be doing?



Pete: Keep following your interests.

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