Episode 62

Food and Design Thinking

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Food and Design Thinking

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In this episode, we have a slightly different topic for Tech Done Right - food. Table XI has been working to adapt our design sprint process out of the realm of custom software and into more general product design. In particular, we've worked with Tyson Foods Innovation Lab on a few different projects including the creation of their Yappah brand which is designed to prevent food waste. In this episode, you'll hear from Chemia Davis and Santi Proano from Tyson, Rex Chekal from Table XI and Jessie Shternshus from the Improv Effect and we'll show you how we adapted design thinking and Agile process from software to food products.


02:58 - The Scope of Work Between Table XI and Tyson Foods Innovation Lab

04:08 - The Goal of the Innovation Lab

06:51 - Bringing Design Thinking to Product Development and CPGs

11:13 - Design Steps

17:14 - Facilitating Communication

22:05 - The Sprint Week Experience

26:40 - Next Steps After Sprint Week

29:32 - Learning From the Design and Coaching Process

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