Santi Proano

Special guest

An American native of Ecuador, Santi is a student of culture and history passionate about leaving a positive legacy. After graduating from Arizona State with a BS in Accountancy he began his career at Starwood Hotels, supporting the service of guests. Santi then served as a Peace Corps volunteer, helping low-income coffee growers in Ecuador develop their own branded coffee product and agro-tourism program. Since receiving his MBA from the University of Michigan Santi has served consumers through delicious food innovations from brands owned by KraftHeinz and Tyson Foods. Santi currently lends his passion for making a positive impact to the Innovation Lab at Tyson Foods, where his fascination for creating brands is focused on building YAPPAH! – a concept inspired by a tradition in his homeland. A blessed father of soon to be 4 children alongside wife Kayla, they enjoy spending free time on biking and hiking adventures.

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