Episode 63

Software Consulting With Chad Pytel

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Software Consulting With Chad Pytel


Chad Pytel: CEO, Co-Founder, and Developer of thoughtbot.


Our guest this week is Chad Pytel. Chad is the CEO of thoughtbot, which is a design and development firm known in the world for its support of open source projects like paperclip and shoulda. Chad and I talk about how to make short consulting projects work, the importance of hiring, why thoughtbot makes their internal guides public, and how they continue to be able to support open source. It's a great conversation about how thoughtbot approaches the world.


02:09 - How thoughtbot Works as an Integrated Design and Development Team

06:50 - Handling Discovery Phases and Product Design Sprints

11:40 - When Clients Aren’t a Good Fit and Setting Expectations

14:12 - Hiring for Values

21:05 - The thoughtbot Playbook

26:43 - Client Communication During Projects

30:48 - Investment Days and Supporting Open Source Projects

36:49 - Using Rails and Not Using Rails

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