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AI and Privacy with Bärí A. Williams

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AI and Privacy with Bärí A. Williams


Bärí A. Williams: VP of Legal, Business, and Policy Affairs at All Turtles, a startup advisor in the tech industry, and a published author in the New York Times, WIRED, Fortune, and Fast Company. Bärí writes at bariawilliams.com.


Our guest this week is Bärí A. Williams, the VP of Legal, Business, and Policy Affairs at All Turtles. She provides legal guidance to startups working with Artificial Intelligence. Bärí was a keynote speaker at RailsConf this year, you can see the video at https://youtu.be/HBAra5J5c90. She and I talk about writing ethical terms of service, and how to collect and use data properly. We talk about facial recognition and other data mining and machine learning topics in the news, and how having a diverse user and testing base can prevent damaging mistakes.


01:48 - The Intersection of Law and Tech

03:16 - Writing Ethical and Clear Terms of Service

05:48 - Legal and Ethical Collection of Data

09:01 - Principles That Should Be in Ethical Codes of Conduct

10:38 - Combatting Algorithmic Bias in AI

14:15 - Facial Recognition Technology and The Importance of Diverse Testing

18:07 - Facial Recognition Technology and Preventing the Selling of Information

26:39 - Facial Recognition Technology, DNA and the Government

31:18 - Opting In and Out of Things Due to Privacy Concerns

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