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Managing Pain and Suffering at Work with Amy Newell

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Managing Pain and Suffering at Work with Amy Newell


Amy Newell:: Director of Engineering at Wistia. Previous Director of Engineering at PatientsLikeMe. RailsConf 2019 - Failure, Risk, and Shame: Approaching Suffering at Work by Amy Newell


Our guest this week is Amy Newell. Amy is the Director of Engineering at Wistia, and she gave a talk at RailsConf this year entitled “Failure, Risk, and Shame: Approaching pain and suffering at work”. We have what I hope is an uplifting conversation about failure and pain, how to recognize it, and how to skillfully manage those feelings to be more resilient, prevent additional pain, and ultimately be more satisfied with your job.


01:56 - Why Use Words Like “Pain” and “Shame” When Talking About Work Experience

04:21 - Specific Kinds of Pain and Suffering at Work

07:31 - Mistakes People Make When They’re Dealing with Failure, Anxiety, and Shame

10:28 - Skillful Responses

17:37 - Mitigating Pain

21:57 - Skillful Responses (Cont’d)

25:04 - Mindfulness

30:34 - Feedback and Identity

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