Episode 51

Becoming a Senior Engineer with Jamey Hampton


December 12th, 2018

39 mins 29 secs

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Becoming a Senior Engineer with Jamey Hampton

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Jamey Hampton: Senior Software Dev at Agrilyst and panelist on Greater Than Code. Blogs at jamey-alea.com.


On this episode, we're talking about becoming a senior engineer. When you first become a senior engineer, you suddenly have new job responsibilities that aren't coding and they aren't management. It's not clear how to balance your time or evaluate your success. Our guest this week is Jamey Hampton, a panelist on the Greater Than Code podcast and a Senior Engineer at Agrilyst. We talk about how to handle the changing responsibilities and perspective that comes from being promoted even when you're still the same person that you were the previous week. We also talk specifically about hiring as a non-coding responsibility.


02:00 - Taking on New Responsibilities as a Senior Developer

07:20 - Evaluating Productivity

11:05 - Seeing Victory on an Abstract Level

17:26 - Client Meetings and Talking to Non-Technical Clients

23:21 - Hiring and Conducting Interviews

33:10 - Keeping Up With Coding and Other Skills

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