Episode 30

Designing Applications for Health Care with Kyoko Crawford and Mark Yoon


February 14th, 2018

44 mins 43 secs

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How to Design Applications for Doctors and Patients

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Mark Yoon: Developer and Director of Talent at Table XI
Kyoko Crawford: CEO of SkinIO.


How do you design for both doctors and patients, two very different audiences that need the same data? If you are designing health care technology, how do you build the trust that lets users know it's okay to share sensitive medical data, such as full-body skin images? Kyoko Crawford, CEO of SkinIO, joins Mark Yoon of Table XI on the show to talk about the challenges of health care technology, and how empathy is always important in the end.


02:02 - Designing for Liability

07:49 - Physicians and Technology and The Generational Divide in Doctors
Podcasting and Audio Stories with Dr. Ed Livingston

13:48 - Patients and Users

19:09 - Building Trust and Authority and Designing for Reassurance

26:41 - Testing and Detection

34:56 - Tech Team Exposure to Healthcare

37:16 - Attention Between Precision of Medical Data and Usability

41:21 - Empathy: Linking Together the Medical and Tech Fields

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