Episode 31

Building New Products With Neil Patel


February 28th, 2018

25 mins 40 secs

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Building New Products With Neil Patel


Neil Patel: Co-Founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, and Kissmetrics, Serial Entrepreneur, and Marketer. Blog.

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How can you take an idea, find a development team to realize your vision, and then improve it? And once the vision is realized, how do you get people to find the product? Serial entrepreneur and digital marketing expert Neil Patel joins Tech Done Right to talk about his process for repeatably going from idea to product.


02:23 - What makes a good relationship with a development team? / Initial Interactions

04:22 - How do you know things are going well? What defines success and what causes delays?

06:29 - Boundaries Between Product Owners and Developers

07:12 - Red Flags and Bad Indicators of Future Results / What are indicators that things are going well?

09:31 - How/where do product owners start projects? Design Deliverables

12:35 - Launching Products / How is this process changing?

15:12 - Getting People to Use Your Product(s)

16:33 - Onboarding Flow and Improving First Experiences

18:02 - Use Cases and User Feedback

19:56 - Dealing With vs Acquiring Users

21:29 - Tips and Processes for Marketing and Improving Products

23:48 - Getting Excited by New Products

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