Episode 32

React Native with Gant Laborde, Ed LaFoy, and Brent Vatne

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React Native with Gant Laborde, Ed LaFoy, and Brent Vatne

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After many attempts at cross-platform mobile application tools, React Native seems to be the real deal, easy to use, powerful tools, and native look and feel. On this show, Ed LaFoy, Table XI's Director of Mobile Development, is joined by two longtime members of the React Native community: Gant Laborde of Infinite Red and Brent Vatne of Expo. We talk about why React Native succeeds, and how to be successful using it, and also give some resources for people who want to get started.


02:18 - What is React Native and when would someone us it?

03:50 - The Competitive Advantage of React Native

05:48 - What makes React Native succeed as compared to other tools?

13:15 - The Immediate, Out-of-the-box Experience

20:23 - Limitations and Boundaries and Skills to be an Effective React Native Developer

29:18 - The React Native Core

38:03 - The React Native Community

38:52 - Resources

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