Episode 29

Developers from the Perspective of Product Owners


January 31st, 2018

39 mins 59 secs

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Developers from the Perspective of Product Owners

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Cat de Merode: VP of Product at PeaPod

Matt McNamara: Product Manager


Have you ever wondered what it's like to work with a software team? Perhaps you are a developer wondering what you seem like from the outside? Or maybe you are starting to work with a software team and you want to know what to expect? Cat de Merode and Matt McNamara join the show to talk about their experiences as product owners interacting with developer teams. We'll talk about what developers can do to build trust, how to work with product owners on estimates and to talk about technical topics. And they'll say what the most important things developers should know about working with their product owners.


02:43 - Dealing with Developer Teams

04:00 - In-house vs External Developers

05:33 - Helping Developers Understand Product Owner Motivation and Goals and Getting on the Same Page

11:18 - How can developers build trust?

12:29 - Explaining Architectural Decisions to Product Owners

14:29 - Does team size make a difference?

16:30 - Good Company Culture Behavior

18:44 - Estimation and Complexity

28:40 - Curation of Features

34:15 - What should developers know about working with product owners?

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