Episode 25

The Social Responsibility of Coding with Liz Abinante


November 29th, 2017

41 mins 21 secs

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The Social Responsibility of Coding with Liz Abinante

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Liz Abinante: Senior Software Engineer at GitHub and occasionally acts as Ruby Documentation Empress at RubyTogether. Blogs at lizabinante.com.


What responsibility do developers have for the consequences of their code? Liz Abinante joins the show to talk about overlooked consequences, big and small, and what you can do if you find your self being asked to do something you think is unethical. Along the way, we talk about user data, the cloud, making career choices you are comfortable with, and why you should always go to Canadian college engineering conferences when asked.


01:39 - The Social Responsibility of Coding Talk

07:35 - Being Responsible For Data

14:09 - Speaking Up for Ethical Practices

21:44 - Staying at an Unreputable Company and Guiding Your Career

28:29 - Being Aware of the Context You’re Coding In

34:30 - Liz’s Talk Audience

37:30 - Empathy and Ethics Training

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