Episode 26

Podcasting and Audio Stories with Dr. Ed Livingston


December 13th, 2017

46 mins 49 secs

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Podcasting and Audio Stories with Dr. Ed Livingston

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Dr. Ed Livingston: Practicing surgeon and Journal of the American Medical Association JAMA. Deputy Editor for Clinical Reviews and Education.


How can your company use podcasting to make their content available and relevant for a whole new audience? Dr. Ed Livingston joins the show to discuss how the Journal of the American Medical Association is using podcasting to connect with their audience. We talk about how to get started in podcasting, and about Dr. Livingston's journey from surgeon to the Voice of JAMA. Even if you don't know a scalpel from a microphone, this episode will show you where to start your own podcast stories.


01:44 - Why did JAMA decide to start doing podcasts?

04:39 - Telling a Story with a Podcast and JAMA’s Podcasting Process

07:54 - Assuming Technical Knowledge on Audiences

09:55 - Engaging with Audiences and Using Listener Feedback

11:35 - Producing Podcasts; Scriptwriting and Storytelling

21:03 - Lessons Learned During the First Year of Podcasting

23:29 - Using Your Voice to Convert Script

31:24 - Approaching Interviews and Learning with the Audience

34:36 - Getting Started with Podcasting

37:34 - Future Plans for Growing Audience

40:53 - Medical Experience Influence on the Podcast

43:57 - The Typical Reporter Question: What else should I have asked you?

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