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Marketing and Building an Audience with Suzan Bond

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Marketing and Building an Audience With Suzan Bond

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Suzan Bond: Host of the Indiedoes Podcast, Founder of Bet On Yourself and Bet On Your People.


Are you a developer that wants to create your own content and build an audience? Suzan Bond joins the show to talk about how to bet on your self. We talk about how to be comfortable marketing, how to present yourself as a credible source for developer-focused content, and how to build and maintain an audience. It's the kind of advice you'd normally have to pay a coach for, offered for free because that's how we build our audience here at Tech Done Right.


Sorry, Suzan's audio has some glitches in the source track. We did the best we could, but there's still some words dropped. We're sorry about that, but hope you still find the conversation interesting.

02:25 - Developers, Companies, and Personal Growth

06:56 - Taking the First Steps to Betting On Yourself (Working Independently)

10:57 - Marketing: Effective vs. Comfortable

15:16 - Selling Books is Hard

18:35 - Approaching Side Projects and Presenting Yourself as a Credible Source

21:59 - Understanding Your Audience and Incorporating Information Into Planning

30:31 - Tools and Techniques for Connecting and Re-engaging with Your Audience

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