Episode 24

Ruby Tapas and Avoiding Code with Avdi Grimm


November 15th, 2017

41 mins 50 secs

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Ruby Tapas and Avoiding Code with Avdi Grimm

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Avdi Grimm: Creator of the RubyTapas Screencast Series and author of Exceptional Ruby and Confident Ruby. avdi.codes


Avdi Grimm has been creating the RubyTapas screencast series for five years. In this episode Avdi and I talk about why he decided to do RubyTapas, and what makes a good episode. We also talk about the resources that helped us when we were learning to code. Then Avdi talks about his experience building the RubyTapas web site and explains how sometimes avoiding code can be the best business decision of all.


01:20 - Starting and Sustaining RubyTapas

04:59 - Shorter Episodes Vs Longer Episodes

08:00 - Creating an Example for a Topic

10:49 - Future-proofing Episodes

12:51 - Helpful Resources When Avdi and Noel Were Learning How to Code

18:31 - Learning New Things Now; Online Marketing

26:12 - Avoiding Code

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