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Teaching Testing and Design

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Teaching Testing and Design



After the discussions on testing and design in episodes 68 and 69, I had so much I still wanted to talk about in testing, design, and teaching testing and design. So I convened a panel with previous Tech Done Right Guests Avdi Grimm, Betsy Haibel, and Penelope Phippen to help me think through all these topics. I was very happy to have all of them on the show, and I think it's a great conversation. Stay tuned until the very end for an update about the show.

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00:50 - Previously On: Re: Testing

02:53 - Testing and Design

09:36 - Testing, But Not Developer Testing + Sliming The Test

13:41 - Why + How Did You Learn TDD?

20:24 - TDD: Not a Robust Process

24:19 - Rails + Unit Testing

27:41 - Is TDD really dead?

35:06 - Keeping Code In Your Head

37:32 - Approaching the Testing and Design of Code

38:59 - What would convince you to stop doing TDD?

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