Episode 69

Teaching and Learning with Sandi Metz


August 28th, 2019

50 mins 29 secs

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Teaching and Learning with Sandi Metz


Sandi Metz:: Author of Practical Object-Oriented Development in Ruby and 99 Bottles of OOP. sandimetz.com


Today on the show we have Sandi Metz, author of Practical Object Oriented Design in Ruby and co-author of 99 bottles of OOP. I’ve literally been trying to get Sandi as a guest since we started recording the show and I’m thrilled that we’ve finally been able to connect. We talk about OOP and TDD, maybe going down a test-driven rabbit hole for a while, and also talk about what it’s like to teach and coach about OOP and TDD. I enjoyed this talk very much and I think you will, too.


02:46 - Keeping Up With Tech

04:58 - Object-Oriented Design

09:53 - Why do we write tests?

17:53 - Teaching Yourself TDD

22:11 - Procedures and Patterns

34:07 - CI

39:23 - Approaching TDD

44:49 - What should we be doing as a community to share knowledge?

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