Episode 70

How To Buy Software With Ashley Quinto Powell


September 11th, 2019

33 mins 6 secs

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How To Buy Software With Ashley Quinto Powell


Ashley Quinto Powell: Director of Business Development at Table XI.


Today on the show, we have Ashley Quinto Powell. Ashley and I have run a workshop together called How to Buy Software aimed at people who want to buy custom software but aren't sure what the process will be like. In this episode, we try to compress a four-hour workshop into a 45-minute podcast. Ashley will talk about what to expect from the sales process and then Ashley will interview me about what it's like to work with a development team. I hope you like it.


01:40 - How do you buy software?

02:47 - Common Misconceptions When Starting the Process

04:20 - Preparing for a Conversation About Buying Software

06:42 - Terminology To Know

Offshore / Nearshore

  • Agile / Waterfall
  • Time and Materials Contract / Fixed Contract

16:08 - Interacting with a Development Team

18:28 - Estimation

28:16 - Signs Things Are Going Well / Red Flags

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