Episode 61

Tech For Good With Andrew Means and Sean Marcia

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Tech For Good With Andrew Means and Sean Marcia

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Our guests this week are Andrew Means of Data Analysts for Social Good and Sean Marcia of Ruby for Good. Both of them run organizations that are involved with using technology to helping non-profits that could use even some simple software or data assistance. We’ll talk about what kinds of work their organizations do, how non-profits differ from for-profit work, how they try to keep projects running over time, and how you can get involved working with technology for good.


02:01 - The Shared Mission of Tech For Good Events

04:04 - The History and The Why

06:30 - Working with Nonprofits and Vetting Projects

13:20 - Managing and Maintaining Projects

16:26 - Understanding Nonprofit Problems and Issues

18:54 - For Profit vs Nonprofit

25:12 - Getting Involved / Recruiting Technologists

26:51 - Using Open Source

27:34 - Growing and Maturing the Tech For Good Space

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