Episode 60

Jumpstarting Your Side Project With Dicko Sow

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Jumpstarting Your Side Project With Dicko Sow

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Dicko Sow: Founder of Yodi Naturals.


Our guest this week is Dicko Sow. Dicko is a software developer at a technical consultancy, but recently she has been spending her time building out a side project called Yodi Naturals. We talk about how she chose the project, how important it was to plan the project, the technical decisions, and what Dicko learned putting together the launch page. If you’re trying to decide whether to try a side project, this episode has some good information about how to put that together.


01:58 - Wanting to do a Side Project; Deciding on Said Side Project

03:59 - Yodi Naturals

05:56 - Getting Started (Mentally)

07:50 - Planning and Prioritization of Minimum Viable Product Features

13:25 - Name Origin

16:08 - Getting Started (Technically)

18:45 - Using React

20:26 - Working with AWS

22:24 - Decoupling React and Rails and Releasing Features

23:51 - Design

26:31 - Learning as the Project Comes Together

27:29 - Managing Search and Tag Functionality

31:18 - Recipe Curation

31:52 - Launching the Launch Page; Shipping Things

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