Episode 18

Agile UX Product Design with Yana Carstens and Jeff Patton

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Agile UX Product Design with Yana Carstens and Jeff Patton

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Jeff Patton: Author of User Story Mapping: Discover the Whole Story, Build the Right Product and owner of Jeff Patton & Associates.

Yana Carstens: Senior User Experience Designer at TableXI.


Agile practices help you build software. UX design helps you build the right software. Teams often struggle integrating UX design into agile practice. In this episode, Jeff Patton, author of User Story Mapping, and UX Designer Yana Carstens talk about the importance of bringing UX design together with development and how to bring your team from unconscious competence to conscious competence.


01:47 - Jeff’s Involvement with Company Product Development

03:31 - The History of Agile Software Development

05:37 - The Role and Integration of the UX Designer

09:00 - Creating Products Without a Design Process

12:21 - Consciousness and Competency

16:08 - Advice for Newbies Striving to Reach the Competence Level in UX

19:11 - Deciding Design Cadences Within Cycles

23:20 - When Designers are Sprinting Ahead of Developers; Lean User Experience

28:48 - Inceptions and Product Strategy Workshops to Integrate Design Into Agile Development

31:16 - Team Development: The Benefits of Hiring Experienced Professionals and Upscaling the People You’ve Got

34:38 - UX Practices in the 90's vs 2010's

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