Episode 17

The Elm Programming Language With Corey Haines

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The Elm Programming Language With Corey Haines

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Corey Haines: CTO of Hearken, creator of code retreats, and author of Understanding the Four Rules of Simple Design.


Want to build great front-end apps without having to deal with the entire JavaScript ecosystem? Corey Haines joins the show to talk about Elm, a front-end language and framework that is type safe, has great build tools, and a full-fledged MVC framework to create client interactions with less hassle. Corey has been using Elm to build the site for his company, Hearken, and talks about why he picked it, and what has made Elm a success for them.

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We've got a blog post relating to the code examples in this episode, you can find it at https://medium.com/table-xi/union-types-in-elm-fb6a974ec427.


02:25 - What is Hearken?

05:14 - The Elm Programming Language

08:06 - The Type System and The Compiler

21:27 - Elm as a Framework

26:16 - Deciding to use Elm

28:37 - Elm: Gotchas and Technical Limitations?

32:37 - Styling and Working with Designers

35:45 - The Elm Community

37:14 - Getting Started with Elm

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