Episode 19

Navigating the JavaScript World: A Panel Discussion


September 6th, 2017

1 hr 5 mins 48 secs

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Navigating the JavaScript World

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How do professional JavaScript programmers choose new tools or evaluate frameworks? What are the most important concepts in JavaScript development these days? This panel discussion was recorded live on Aug 24, 2017 with Zach Briggs, Trek Glowacki, Melanie Sumner, and Marques Woodson. Learn about their biggest JavaScript career battles and what resources they use to keep up to date.


01:29 - Introductions & Getting Started in JavaScript + Frontend Tools Used

03:51 - Pros of Working in JavaScript

06:09 - Components and Isolation

13:30 - State Management

21:55 - Dealing with JavaScript Churn and Choosing New Tools

31:22 - JavaScript Design and Style; HTML & CSS Fundamentals

34:58 - What is exciting right now? What is up and coming? What do we need to focus on in JavaScript?

42:00 - WebAssembly

43:12 - What does “Functional” mean?

46:56 - Are there libraries that auto generate forms based on a Rust data model?

47:31 - What’s the biggest fight you got in over JavaScript?

53:56 - Is the State Management Pattern settled as a one-object God object store or per component?

57:31 - What do you like to pair frontend JavaScript with on the backend?

59:53 - Resources to Keep Sharp

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