Episode 66

Stories and Community with Ariel Caplan

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Stories and Community with Ariel Caplan


Ariel Caplan: Co-Host of Dev Empathy Book Club, Backend Developer at Cloudinary, and Flatiron School Alum. Personal Site


Our guest this week is Ariel Caplan. Ariel is a developer at Cloudinary and the Founder of the Dev Empathy Book Club. At RailsConf this year, Ariel gave a keynote about culture and stories using examples from Israeli and American children's literature. In our conversation, we focus on the stories that developers tell ourselves about who is successful, what it takes to be successful, and what people and skills are left out of those stories, and how we might be able to change them.


02:18 - Stories We Tell New Members of the Community

04:17 - The Myth of the Lone Genius

06:28 - How Stories Affect Day-to-Day Expectations on Teams

12:36 - Stories That Benefit Our Employers

16:11 - How We Treat New Developers

21:11 - “Real Programmers”

26:30 - Computer Science Education

31:07 - People Skills and Community

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