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Agriculture And Technology with Orlando Saez

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Agriculture And Technology with Orlando Saez

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Orlando Saez: Co-founder and CEO of Aker Technologies.


Our guest today is Orlando Saez. Orlando is the co-founder and CEO of Aker, a precision crop diagnostic data and service company. We're going to talk about what that means and more generally, about how technology and agriculture intersect. We'll talk about how Orlando got into the agriculture and technology space and who his customers are and what they learn from using specialized drones to monitor their crops. It's an interesting deep dive into a part of the technology world that I, for one, did not know very much about and I hope you enjoy it.


01:44 - What Aker Does; The Tech/Agriculture Sector

03:30 - Technology: IoT, Drones, and Machine Learning

08:55 - Aggregating Information + Shared Data

11:09 - Working with the Agriculture Sector and The Way Growers Work

17:14 - Differences Between Purchases and Users: Ways Products Are Used in the Field

20:40 - Aker as a Service Provider

21:53 - Drone Technology and Training Pilots

24:10 - Using General Machine Learning Techniques

25:51 - Looking Forward

28:21 - Orlando’s Background in Getting Involved in This Space

31:18 - More Resources for People Interested in AgTech

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