Episode 44

Learning Programming Languages and Strategies With Katrina Owen


August 22nd, 2018

42 mins 47 secs

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Learning Programming Languages and Strategies With Katrina Owen

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What's a good way to learn a new programming language that focuses on solving problems and not merely syntax? Katrina Owen is the creator of Exercism, a tool for getting beyond "hello world" in new programing languages. She is also the co-author of 99 Bottles of OOP, and the presenter of a number of outstanding technical talks. We start off by talking about Exercism, how it started, how it evolved and what it’s good at, and then we talk about how the process by which it evolved, and how Katrina learned to analyze the project more strategically, and how that strategic thinking has helped her in other parts of her life and career.


02:14 - Exercism

03:37 - Solving Programming Language Learning

06:15 - Redesigning Exercism: Conceptually and Logistically

17:41 - Exercism Language Communities

23:45 - Gaining Control of an Open Source Community/Project

27:37 - Strategy and Priority

32:54 - Strategy vs. Tactics

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