Episode 35

AI and the Future of Design and Development with Zach Pousman

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AI and the Future of Design and Development with Zach Pousman

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What does AI mean for the future of design, development? Can I be replaced by an AI algorithm? Today, we talk to Zach Pousman, from the consultancy Helpfully. Zach thinks a lot about artificial intelligence and how it might impact the future of different knowledge work. It's impossible to talk about AI without talking about the ethics of AI projects and how AI might affect the larger society. We'll talk about why AI started with chess and moved to facial recognition, what AI might and might not be able to do in the future, how we might deal with it, and how that will change the way you work.


Zach Pousman: Principal at Helpfully.


02:28 - What is AI?

05:18 - AI Potentially Changing the Way Designers and Developers Work

11:40 - Development Biases and Algorithmic Failures

16:12 - Taking Novice Performance to Expert Levels

18:56 - Susceptible Knowledge Work at Risk Due to AI and Ethics; AI as “Parlor Tricks”

33:06 - AI Vs. Humans and Legislation

43:09 - Human Skills That Aren’t Replaceable (4C’s: Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity)

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