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Programming Languages and Communication With Kerri Miller

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Programming Languages and Communication With Kerri Miller

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Kerri Miller: Senior Developer at TravisCI and Ruby Community Member. Co-Organizer of the Open Source and Feelings Conference. Blog.


Why is Smalltalk the Elizabethan English of programming languages? Why has it been so influential, and how does the programming language you use affect the way you think about programming. On this episode, Kerri Miller and I talk about programming languages and communication, and what we've learned from our most recent programming language adventures.


01:56 - Introduction

06:18 - SmallTalk is to Ruby as Elizabethan English is to Modern Day

08:11 - SmallTalk’s History

  • Dealers of Lightning: Xerox PARC and the Dawn of the Computer Age
  • Squeak
  • By the way, I did get the Squeak history partially wrong. The original work was done at Apple, and when they went to Disney after that, they downloaded their Apple work as Open Source to continue. (It is possibly named Squeak because they were being wooed by Disney). The technical details are basically right, though.

17:55 - Thinking About Programming and Software Projects in a Flexible Way

22:01 - Object-Oriented Programming, Thinking, and Design

28:37 - Learning New Programming Languages, Concepts, and Techniques

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