Episode 11

Avoiding Legacy Code with Michael Feathers

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Avoiding Legacy Code with Michael Feathers

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Michael Feathers: Author of Working Effectively with Legacy Code; r7krecon.com


What makes a code base go bad and become "Legacy Code"? Can teams avoid writing bad code? Michael Feathers, author of Working Effectively With Legacy Code joins Tech Done Right to talk about technical debt, how communication can prevent bad coding practices, why coding problems are never just about code, and what it's like to go around the world seeing the worst code messes ever written.


02:36 - The Definition of “Legacy Code”

04:25 - What makes code bases go bad?

07:26 - Working as a Team to Avoid Technical Debt and Other Problems

09:49 - Tools and Techniques That Have Changed Since the Book was Written

12:38 - Lack of Institutional Memory

15:24 - What creates technical debt?

22:50 - “Symbiotic Design”

25:38 - Test-Driven Development

31:44 - Fads in Codebases

36:58 - Error Handling in Applications (in Relation to Conway’s Law)

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