Episode 10

Design Sprints with Kai Haley and Zeke Binion

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Design Sprints with Kai Haley and Zeke Binion

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Kai Haley: Interaction Designer on Google’s Design Relations Team, leads the Sprint Master Academy

Zeke Binion: Former Director of Design for Table XI and runs Code for Designers


Do you have a product that needs improvement, or a process to define? Is your team looking for a way to generate and test new ideas quickly? The Design Sprint process, created at Google, is a structured way to explore a problem, create a solution, and get user feedback, all in five days or less. Join Kai Haley, who teaches sprint facilitation at Google, and Zeke Binion, who has run many sprints, as they show Noel Rappin how to use Design Sprints.


01:24 - What is a “Design Sprint?” Who should use them? What are they good for?

04:08 - The Sprint Book: Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five
Days by Jake Knapp, with John Zeratsky, Braden Kowitz from Google Ventures

06:49 - Implementing Sprints Into a Team and High-level Goals

10:47 - Facilitating Design Sprints; or “Being a Sprint Master”

16:40 - “How Might We…?” Brainstorming Sessions

19:32 - Journey Mapping and User Experience Mapping

23:45 - Success Metrics

25:18 - Sketching, Comparison, and Presenting Ideas

32:12 - The Deciding Stage: aka Prototyping

36:29 - User Interviews / Usability Studies

40:36 - Learning to Facilitate Design Sprints

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