Software, Open Source, and Rails With Eileen Uchitelle and Andrew Horner

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Episode 007: Software, Open Source, and Rails with Eileen Uchitelle and Andrew Horner

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How does the Rails core team work? How are new features planned and implemented? How can I contribute? What should I do if I find a security issue in Rails? Our guest is the newest Rails core team member Eileen Uchitelle (@eileencodes) joins Table Xi senior developer Andrew Horner and host Noel Rappin (@noelrap) to discuss Rails, the new testing features in Rails 5.1, and the Rails Core Team.


Eileen Uchitelle: Senior Systems Engineer at GitHub on the Platform Systems Team; Member of The Rails Core Team and the Rails Security Team

Andrew Horner: Senior Developer at TableXI


01:12 - Eileen: Getting Started as a Developer and Getting Involved with The Rails Core Team

03:29 - How Rails Governs Itself Internally

05:52 - The Role of the Release Manager

07:32 - Feature Discussions and Prioritization

08:46 - Requesting Features and Raising Issues as a Non-core Team Member

17:52 - Backporting

21:44 - System Testing

27:13 - Potential Future Features in 5.1

32:12 - User Expectations

36:12 - Getting Involved in Rails

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