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From Idea To Company With Maci Peterson and Alicia Drucker

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From Idea To Company With Maci Peterson and Alicia Drucker

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Maci Peterson: Co-founder and CEO of On Second Thought.

Alicia Drucker: Director of Software Delivery at Table XI


How does an idea become a pitch become a company? Join Maci Peterson, founder of the startup On Second Thought, and Alicia Drucker, from Table XI, to discuss how a bad text can lead to a good pitch and then a funded startup. How hard is it to break into Silicon Valley if you don't match the expected image of an entrepreneur? Maci discusses how diversity and inclusivity improved her startup business.


We had an unusually high number of audio quality issues this time around, we're sorry.

01:39 - Starting On Second Thought

03:26 - Pitch Competitions

04:53 - From Idea To Company

07:04 - Sending a Bad Text To Getting To SXSW

09:05 - Taking a Leap of Faith and Starting a Tech Company

10:46 - Funding the Company

12:30 - Breaking Into Silicon Valley

18:46 - Diversity and Inclusivity

27:05 - Encouraging Inclusivity While Leveraging a Product

31:14 - Speaking Up and Sharing Stories

36:39 - Taking Action After Speaking Up

  • Quick note that this was recorded June 7th, and the Uber story has taken some twists and turns since them.

We got cut off before we could give Maci's contact information, you can find her on Twitter at @macipeterson and On Second Thought at https://www.onsecondthought.co and @onsecondthought

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