JavaScript: Islands, Sprinkles, and Frameworks with Zach Briggs and David Copeland

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Episode 005: JavaScript: Islands, Sprinkles, and Frameworks

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Dave Copleand (@davetron5000) and Zach Briggs (@theotherzach) join Noel Rappin (@noelrap) for a Tech Done Right discussion of JavaScript practices. When does it makes sense to build single page JavaScript app? How can your JavaScript and Rails interact? Is it an island of interactivity or a sprinkle of JavaScript? Which frameworks are handling community management well (hint: not Angular)? And how do you test any of this?


Dave Copeland: Author of Rails, Angular, Postgres, and Bootstrap

Zach Briggs: JavaScript Practice Lead at Table XI

Show Notes

02:15 - Reasons to Build a Single-Page App

09:37 - The Ease of Building Web Over Single-Page Apps

11:30 - Tooling; Navigating Good Choices vs Bad Choices

14:31 - Setup

16:30 - Combining a Rails App and a JavaScript App

18:34 - AngularJS; 1 vs 2

33:05 - Testing

35:35 - TypeScript

Tips & Resources:

Dave: Check out Test Double.

Zach: As a developer, don’t feel forced into choosing between a single-page app and a non-single-page app on the first day of development. There are infinite points in between when it comes to interactivity.

Noel: Read about frameworkless JavaScript in Noel’s book Master Space and Time With JavaScript.

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