Livable Code With Sarah Mei

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Livable Code With Sarah Mei

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Sarah Mei: Founder of RailsBridge, Director of Ruby Central, Chief Consultant at DevMynd Software.


Is your code the kind of cluttered house you might find on a reality TV show? Or the kind of sleek, minimalist house you might find in a architectural magazine. Neither one sounds like a place you could comfortably live. Sarah Mei joins the podcast to talk about Livable Code, what makes a codebase livable, how to negotiate tension between junior and senior developers and how Rails deals with developer happiness.


01:33 - What is meant by “Livable Code”?

04:25 - Where does codebase abstraction go wrong?

05:41 - What makes a codebase livable?

09:16 - Calibrating the Right Level for Your Team: Retrospective Meetings

12:22 - Principles of a Codebase

18:21 - Alleviating Tension Between Junior and Senior Developers

22:57 - The Goal of Career Development

26:42 - Guiding Architecture Choices on a Team

30:37 - Does testing help?

34:23 - Programmer Happiness

37:42 - The Attitude Toward JavaScript

39:01 - The Right Design For Your Codebase is Subjective

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June 14th, 2017

41 mins 38 secs


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